Dorset Theatre Festival

Pride & Prejudice

Jessica Frey is a wonderful Lizzy Bennet. She is staunch and serious and straightforward with every line she utters. She is judgmental and strict about it. Her opinions are hard to alter and her opinion of Mr. Darcy takes a long time to shift into romance. Frey handles that alteration with the aplomb of a fine tailor; small, invisible stitches hold the hem of her gown and the bodice of her true feelings with equal strength. When she ultimately finds herself not settling, but settling into a good romance, it is wonderful to watch her face and her body move into a new, long-anticipated personality.

J. Peter Bergman

The Berkshire Edge

Jessica Frey proved an irresistible Lizzy, subtly relating her roller coaster feelings toward Darcy.

Jim Lowe

The Rutland Herlad

Jessica Frey anchors the cast with a solid performance as the prickly and opinionated Lizzy Bennet.

Berkshire On Stage

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Sense & Sensibility

Jessica Frey give[s] life to the Dashwood sister.

Patti Hartigan

The Boston Globe

In contrast with the rationality of Elinor, there’s the sensibility of Jessica Frey’s heart-on-her sleeve Marianne, whose laughter, joys, hopes, heartbreak, and tears flow with compelling abandon.

David Greenham

The Arts Fuse

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Bedlam / A.R.T

Web Series

Basic Witch

Frey in particular is absolutely magnetic.

Jade Budowski


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Clown Bar

During his investigation, Happy mixes it up with the [...] wisecracking sidekick Petunia (the very funny Jessica Frey).

Raven Snook

Time Out NY

Frey has all the elements to be a star.

Richmond Shepard

Total Theater

Jessica Frey and Salty Brine as the main entertainers Petunia and Dusty respectively were truly the heart and soul of the production.

Michael Block

Theater in the Now

Jessica Frey wonderfully plays Petunia with Chicago/Fosse like zest.

Darryl Reilly

Theater Scene