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Save the date. September 19th. Paradise Factory. 7pm. I'll be reading stage directions and puppeteering Barbie's as ice skaters (among other things) in Nate Eppler's fantastic play, The Ice Treatment. This marks the second time I've been involved with a play about Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Andrew Neisler directs. Jenn Harris, Claire Rothrock, and Andrew Farmer star. More info here.

Boats And... went swimmingly well (sorry). Congrats to all the boats and things. This is a still from the show. My character’s name was “Surfbort”. I painted it myself.

I begin rehearsals today for Boats And... created by Andrew Neisler, Nate Weida, and Andrew Farmer. It will perform June 26th at 7pm at Ars Nova, as a part of their ANTFest.

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EDUCATION : BFA from New York University with Atlantic Acting School




HOMETOWN : Lexington, KY


LITTLE KNOWN FACT : Jessica is also known as “The Meryl Streep of Charades”


THEATER COs/GROUPS : Jessica is a proud member of Uncle Function, an award winning sketch group, and Pipeline Theatre Company.


AWARDS & NOMINATIONS : Nomination : Best Actress Broadway World Vermont (Lizzy Bennet in Pride & Prejudice), Best Ensemble NYIT (New York Innovative Theater) Awards (Clown Bar); Recipient : Excellence in Studio Award from NYU/Atlantic Acting School


Q : What are your dream roles?

A : All the roles that have yet to be written.  


Q : Any favorite movies?

A : My go-to list is:  Romeo + Juliet, The Royal Tenenbaums, Shakespeare in Love, Christmas Vacation


Q : Would you rather fly or be invisible?

A : Absolutely fly.  NO question.  


Q : What is your greatest irrational fear?

A : A Great White Shark that could fly.  


Q : Cheese?

A : A thousand times yes.

© 2018 by Jessica Frey


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